Do business now. Pay later!

We offer a digital solution, which allows emerging market entrepreneurs to buy goods and services at their pace and
pay later, via LIRIDI app


Who we are

Liridi is an international initiative for underbanked entrepreneurs to access the latest financial services and to enable their growth in emerging markets. We are a passionate and ambitious team of highly experienced people in IT, credit risk, finance, legal and entrepreneurship, strengthened by our deep knowledge of African and Asian markets.

Our Mission 

We believe everyone who works hard every day to support their families for good lives, to benefit many others providing goods and services, has the right to financial freedom and transparency, modern purchase experience and sustainable growth. We are here to do our best to make these real.  


What we do

We are building a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) platform for small business owners and entrepreneurs in Sub-Sahara Africa and South Asia. 
Most often small businesses have real needs not for money, but for goods or services to conduct their daily business activity smoothly. 
Thus, we came with a solution to enable entrepreneurs and small-entities to purchase goods and services whenever they need and at a fair price while paying for them later in several installments, by just using our LIRIDI mobile App. 
We help micro-business people in emerging markets with their daily business tasks giving them an opportunity for sustainable growth. While doing this, we co-operate with:

  • local middle-size financial institutions with the latest mobile and cutting-edge KYC verification technologies, credit-scoring algorithms, paperless and cashless operations, and digitized fund collection, helping with significant client-base growth and with better monetizing their financial resources; and

  • with local middle-size goods producers, distributors, and service providers, which also possess notable benefits: they get sufficient rise in turnover, enlarge the new client base by being payment secured for their goods/services, in full and on time.

"70% of the 365-445 million small businesses
in emerging markets lack access to credit"

That's a $5,2 trillion financing gap

Our Model for Growth 

Liridi develops a rapidly scaling global platform for over 200 million entrepreneurs, from emerging markets, whose ability to get funding is dramatically uncatered for. Also, within the next several years, our ultimate goal will be to enlarge our product offer, simplifying financial operations for small businesses. 
This requires sufficient investment back-up and extensive partnership networks. We are open for dialog with business leaders who like our business model/goals and are ready to share in it. These include global ‘venture’ and ‘impact’ investors, and potential regional partners (merchants and service providers, MFIs, payment services, and Fintech players) from South Asia and Africa.


The «Klarna» for small business in emerging markets

Quick and simple purchase financing on-demand for entrepreneurs: purchase now pay later

Neither collateral no guarantors are needed

Instant financing approval or detailed rejection feedback enabling successful future applications

Fare financing cost and best purchase deals

Multiple channels with easy access for funds' repayment 

Extensive merchant network: automated direct payment for purchases with disbursed funds

Multiple connections to domestic MFOs with simple API-access

Innovative predictive credit scoring, based on digital and behavioral data analysis

Latest mobile client verification and cashless/paperless
funding processing technology



for microbusiness – purchase with one click and pay later

    • Just download Liridi mobile app and fill in an easy form to be accepted for funding

    • Choose a required merchant program and apply for funding (guaranteed 15 min confirmation)

    • Fully detailed rejection feedback enabling successful future applications

    • Fund disbursement directly to the merchant: payment for the purchase 

    • No need for commuting to the office for repayment: use of a vast partner network of payment kiosks and POS machines

    • 24/7 mobile client support

    • Purchasing goods/services as funding approved: no payment needed for that

    • Extensive network of merchant partners

    • Reporting of purchase via the App: just provide a digital image from your phone

    • Creating own scoring rate with good payment discipline 

    • Significantly upgrade the loan terms by joining LIRIDI's referral groups

    • Cost benefits from spending funds in the merchant network



Empowered by a strong network of partners

  1. Fast Click-through purchase funding request

  2. Within the 15-minute request approval and merchant feedback

  3. Purchase as funding approved

  4. Report of the purchase via Liridi App

  5. Instruction to MFI for fund disbursement

  6. Payment to the merchant for the purchase

  7. Fund repaid to MFI later, using a vast partner network of payment kiosks or directly from the App using the e-wallet account

  8. Repayment receipt is reported to the platform with instant confirmation for the borrower



Liridi cornerstone technology

  • Mobile

    • Easy on-boarding & verification tool, for borrowers

    • Source of valuable mobile, social and behavior data collection

    • Tool for easy & quick loan repayment

    • Minimum time for loan application and prompt response (within a few minutes)

    • Direct efficient on-time communication with borrowers

  • "Propensity to pay"


    • Complex propensity prediction algorithm scores borrower's likelihood to pay

    • Based on a wide data set – including mobile, social and traditional data - to give insights into borrower-behavior

    • Quick generation of credit score

    • Better risk mitigation: low PAR  & fraud control  

    • Large client base of underbanked customers

  • Loan processing system

    • Automatic online loan-contract-processing (via MFO Management Console)

    • Loan disbursal and collection via e-money

    • Reduction efficiency in MFO’s operational costs

    • Better operational scalability

    • Cut-off transactional cost for borrowers

  • Mobile loan
    funds use

    • Immediate purchase funding directly from Liridi App

    • Possible for both online and offline purchases

    • Expanded Merchant network with tailored products

    • Mobile reporting of purchase completion

    • Funds-use control mechanism (via Merchant Management Console and the integration of online payment providers)


Growing MFOs & Merchants’ Partner Network

on a country-level, resulting in better service and significant cost optimization 

Interest Rate Cutting

by gaining commission revenue from the merchant network


borrowers additionally benefit
by acting as platform agents

Retail Investments Raise

due to global, multi-currency, Liridi P2B investment platform development

More Value Added Products

for reliable clients:
micro-insurance, invoice financing & personal loans

Liridi e-Wallet Launch

significantly diminishing transaction time
and cost


  • Kirill Maluka

    Founder, CEO     

    Finance & Operations

    • Master of Business Administration

    • Senior executive with 20 years of international experience in finance, risk management, 
      VC & PE investment

    • Co-founder and angel investor
      of several technology start-ups

  • Vasily Zinoviev

    Founder, CTO     

    Business Development

    • Since 2014 Сo-founder and Adviser to number IT / Telecom start-ups with focus on Asia, Africa & Middle East 

    • Over 10 years of Global Market & IT executive experience with international Telecom & IT corporations and strong relations with Telco brands in EMEA

  • Vladislav Lurye

    Founder, Chief of Legal & Investment Relations

    • Master of Laws

    • 5 years of international legal practice in FinTech and Digital projects, fund setting and VC deals

    • Over 10 year experience in legal executive positions at the major Russian banks

  • Muditha Hettigama


    South Asia Regional


    • Masters in Financial Economics

    • Partner and Founder of several Micro-Finance organizations

    • Over 15 year executive consultancy experience in the SME & Micro-credit industry in Sri Lanka for several international institutions, e.g. World Bank, ADB, PWC


United Kingdom, Headquarter


71-75 Shelton Street, London

e-mail: founders@liridi.com

phone: +44 208 123 0505

Sri Lanka


3/6 Stratford Hill Apartments, 110, Stratford Av.,

Colombo 06, 10350

email: info@liridi.lk

phone: +94 77 339 4064

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